I make art, edits, play video games, (I want to eventually try 2 collab with others on newgrounds when i have free time and mah goal is to reach 1k one YouTube https://linktr.ee/op4teen


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Posted by Op4teen - September 8th, 2022

this mah first blog so idk how many people finna see this but if ur artist or content creator I would like to ask for your advice I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong for awhile I felt that that the reason why my post don’t get attention is cuz there not good enough but now idk. for the longest time I thought I need to put in more effort to increase quality and I honestly believe I have been I spending a good amount of time on anything I create and I usually don’t stop till I look at it and am satisfied but don’t get me wrong I still do think I have yet to reach my limit and can still improve but when I look at other artist I feel like there is something there doing that I’m missing and I don’t what it is if anyone has any advice or tips on advertising I would rly appreciate (like ik a lot of artist are on Twitter but idk how to use Twitter lol) and one last thing is if your a experienced artist reading this and ur willing do you mind reviewing art for me I would love to have to show my art to and get there opinions and have them point out my mistakes so I can improve I’m mostly self taught so idk have that much knowledge on shading and stuff I usually judge myself but I’m sure other ppl see things that I don’t see anyway thx for reading heres my YouTube channel btw if you wanna check it out https://youtube.com/channel/UC-2ZMMHrLCqTVsAr7CHOgfA